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Yes, the only way a small sport can be in the Games (an event that big sports like baseball, rugby, racquetball/squash and golf cannot get into or stay in) is as a part of sailing. But if we are right and they are tossers, why do they attract so many more sailors, racers, and kids?

The 2-time national FW champ in SQ's country (top 12 in the world) and the #1 slalom sailor in his area (if I have him identified correctly) have both publicly said that they have reservations about the FOD concept. Are they "yacht club tossers" or ignorant?

Yes, Sergio, I haven't raced FW or RSX but I have raced most of the recent Olympic classes (from yachts and cats to boards). From that perspective - and from being at the worlds last time there was (briefly) an open olympic windsurfing class- it's hard to see why windsurfers are so different, and so special that they will not have similar issues. Olympians in boards, like Olympians in boats, chose to buy gear from small specialist builders, rather than gear built to the same rules by big builders for the wider market.

No one is saying FW is not a fantastic class. It is. That's part of the point - why not have a reasoned discussion about whether a fantastic class could get hurt by becoming Olympic, just like other classes?
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