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this olympics are a humiliation to windsurfing, Lets be inclusive here; the sport consists of wave, slalom, FW(FE), BAFing(Gorge or pond), Freestyle and Open class (mainly old longboards that rail), and going windsurfing, yep, plain old windsurfing noncompetitively, none of which is represented at "The Games". How much farther out in left field do things need to get. Truely useless crap. To do the noble and proper thing would be to give the medals to the kiters, or a paralympic event. At least they would support and get amped about a close representtion of their best. Failing that if windsurfing stays in the olympics don't invent a solution, use the current pinnacle class, Formula, or the most popular OPEN, or the next competitive contraption and treat it as just another counter race. I'll be tuning into the race walking (for a laugh), or syncronized swimming (for the flexability) before I'd watch RSX. The olympics is money begging participants, wooed by empire building bureaucrats on the take of a corporation (or the next* corporation) and solicitors. Better bring something more than gutsy competition to the table once those are the main parameters of the the event.
No wind + weeds, welcome to windsurfing in China. Love the food and the people but no one can really take this event serious. It's a joke at so many levels.
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