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thanks for the fin info. Just to let you know, after sailing the Hammer 8.3 in both single cam and double cam mode, I am going back to double cam mode. the sail is just much more stable and, except for being a teeny bit heavier, easier to handle and able to handle higher winds with both cams.


thank you for the lengthy and informative response to my questions. There is so much good information in there that I am going to take my time digesting it all. I really appreciate all the "technical" reasons for everything, as I am a physics teacher. In fact, if you don't mind, I am going to find a reason to share quite a bit of your post with my students, if only to show them that there are good reasons to learn physics, and not just to pass a test or two.

btw, the largest vertical fin I have for the GO at the moment is the Drake 560 that came with the board. I haven't yet used it as I haven't yet sailed the GO in a non-weed infested area (south shore of LI).

Also, thanks for the info on cleaning the board. After I posted that question, I immediately thought of using hull cleaner. sorry for wasting your time with that one. Since you asked, I sail on both the south and north shores (depending on wind conditions) of Long Island (NY, USA). the water along the south shore (Great South Bay) is what is causing the board to yellow. oh well, things can't be new forever.

thanks again.

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