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A trip to Martha's Vineyard during July can be a bit much for both wallet and patience, so the East Coast Junior Windsurfing Championships arranged to provide FREE LOCAL HOUSING, FOOD AND LOCAL TRANSPORTATION FOR ALL JUNIOR COMPETITORS WHO REGISTER BY July 1, 2008. That's just a few days away, but please spread the word about this great event and incentive. After July 1, the free accommodations may be full.

Ordinarily, junior dinghy (Opti, 420) events often provide accommodations in local homes, but this is not usually expected with junior windsurfing events. The East Coast Junior Windsurfing Championship aims to make this regatta as inviting to all junior windsurfers as possible.

Finally, the East Coast Junior Windsurfing Championships and Junior Olympic Event is excited to announce that a super-cool video will be produced of the Free Racing Clinic and the regatta. This video will show the kids at their best: having fun and showing the world just how cool junior windsurf racing really is. The same production company that created a video of the O'Pen Bic dinghy's "Un-Regatta" will direct, shoot and produce this new video. The first video drew almost 20,000 hits on YouTube alone!

This is the chance for kids to get superior racing instruction, quality racing at all levels, make new friends and show off for the world!!

Please contact all the kids (and their parents) who you think would enjoy this event to encourage their participation in it. We need your help to make this the best junior event possible.

Feel free to contact me via the links to the left, or e-mail Nevin Sayre at Each of us will do everything we can to get as many kids to this cool event.

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