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Red face shredulato

you will have a hard time smashing just any sailboat fleet IMHO . I say that as i have sailed boards and boat for many years . Yeah theres the "dog" sailboats, but there are performance ones too. Without getting into the countless myriad factors , your best bet as one poster stated is a formula setup with barely planing winds.
I say that as I sail on a big OD class called a melges 24 and they rip downind when the wind gets over 15 knots. And they aint slow when its light either, 3 -7 knots even downwind in light airs the assymetrical spinnaker is something a board does not (yet..any ideas??) have.
Even symetrical spin boat can go deep to the downwind to the gybe gate/ mark while a board must play angles for best VMG.
you either need nuclear winds when they cant cope, or just barely planing winds when the dogs are still slow and perfomance sailboats cant get up and go.
again IMHO....
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