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Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
Hey I'd be interested to see what 2 sec peak you had with the F101? I had the F93 and managed a 34.9knots with 6.7 RS Racing / 34cm drake fin. In my opinion the 5.4 will most likely feel a little small, but should still go great. The 6.2 should be the sweet sail with the 32cm fin. I also agree that the Futura is an improvement on the Stype.
I did 30.4 knots on 2 seconds. This in choppy conditions, en me being tyred after 90 kilometers before on isonic 125. And as i said it was my first run on the 101 ! In the future, higher peaks will follow for sure. Or should i say, in the 'futura' higher peaks...

I'm very curious about how my F101 will behave compared to my st104 in heavier winds... I've been told the F101 handles al lot of wind better than the st104 does, it's hard to believe because the F101 is a 5cms wider, and 4 cm in tail.

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