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I guess as the deck is a lot flatter it helps maintain control. I also noticed looking at some video of me sailing the F93 that it sits right off the tail when fully powered. There's not much board in the water. For me (87kg) the choice in Futura size was more about board dimensions than volume, & sail size 6.7 max, as volume becomes less important once planing. Infact I thought the Futura sailed well above its stated volume in terms of upwind ability and early planing. IMHO the F93 planned as early as the old Carve111 I once owned.

I'm now riding an Isonic 86 and are amazed once again how earlythis little beast gets up and going.

Keep us informedof what times you are doing on the F101. I am ordering an I101, so that may be interesting to compare.
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