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Question purchase tip - Flare vs Kombat

hi guys

I am making the transition to B&J after a few years of freeriding. Given I am planning to keep my 2003-old Fanatic 135L board, my aim is to buy a 100-110L board that allows me some funny B&L and lets me try some wave riding, with medium winds (mainly in Italy where I live), especially inshore. And, of course, keeping freeriding with stronger winds. I am not into freestyle tricks.

I am about to buy a 105L Kombat, looks great and I was told it's a very good board. The only think is, I read some reports claiming the Flare would give me more instant power and early planing capabilities, especially in lulls and lighter wind conditions.

Should I go for a Flare even though I am not into freestyle? Wouldn't it be too bumpy on chop and waves and unfit for freeriding with just one back strap??

thanks a lot for your help, guess this might interest many like me who are scaling down in size from a big board and geting into B&J from some freeride experience. could find much on this in previous threads
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