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Default Pure Acid 68 or Evo 62

Team -

My wife and I share a quiver of waveboards consisting of a custom 1998 73 L Rutger and a custom 2004 64 L Quatro (exact replica of Sean Aiken's board). We sail primarily side-off conditions and occasional side-shore conditions in the 5.5 to 4.0 range. The Quatro is a very technical board that is a dream on the wave face if you can maintain your speed. But being a pro board, Kathy (and I at times) have struggled maintaining speed on the face and staying to windward - especially in some of the mushier conditions we sometimes have in coastal Carolina. We are considering the Evo 62 or the PA 68 as a third board. Can you please compare and contrast the two? In particular we'd like to compare pointing ability, planing ability, and sail range - particularly for a 58 kg rider. I'm concerned that because they are the smallest boards in their respective lines, they may be highwind, control oriented boards for larger sailors and not designed for smaller riders like us. FYI, our eventual plan is also to replace our old and beloved Rutger with either the 70 or 75 L Evo or PA 74

We are: Roger (66 kg) and Kathy (58 kg).

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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