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The PA68 is fast, precise and have that direct rail bite feel tat is so nice sometimes. It planes very early and goes upwind very well even with a smaller fin. To get the most of the high wind capabilities the board likes you to drive it over the fin, kind of locked in

The EVO 62 is a smaller feeling board. Particularly if you're light it will still ahndle 5.0 easily. It's not as free running as the PA68, but still feel very effective with a 5.0 if you just have a bit of sailpower. On the wave the EVO 62 pretty much turns by itself. It makes the hard part of wave riding easy. And compared to the bigger EVOs the 62 has a smoother top turn too. In kind of onshore like wave, the EVO 62 is very easy and forgiving. In faster/bigger waves it prefers to be sailed with some more power, but then it performs extremely well. As a high wind board the EVO 62 is fantastic. Even though it may bounce around a bit at times, there is just something about the size that make it feel so much easier.
In lighter winds you may want a bigger fin (up to Drake 23) but then it goes upwind quite well. Not as relaxed as the PA68 but if you just stay over theboard a bit more it motors upwind well.

I would say none of the boards are primarly "high wind control boards for bigger guys". But between the two, I think the EVO 62 is the board that will fit you the best. That one is 100% designed for smaller people and I really believ it will be a real eye opener for both of you.
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