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thank you for replay. As soon as possible I'll test your proposals.
No, I'm not drifting in non planning conditions.
But I have to stand far after the mast not at the back.
Yes I put the mast from the middle to the front, because I had problems to get planning. I'll put the mast back to the middle.
I don't have planning conditions all the time, because I live in the inland. So wind strength and direction is changing. So if there is an average wind of 4Bft, in reality wind is changing from 2-6Bft.
No I'll not stay at home, I'll take my hybrid and have fun.
The lake there I'm sailing has fresh water.
Harness length is vario 24-30 inch, I use 2 harnesses on each side one with 24 and one with 30.
I'm quite sure to use the right downhaul setting, because there is a indication for the loose leech on the sail.
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