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Hi Screamer,

Thank you for your reply. No I have not tried the iSonics with the Glides yet, I will do that as soon as possible.
I'm planning to change my light wind quiver. I sailed the iSonics with RS6 NP sails. Although I like the speed of that combination a lot, I don't like the weight and limited manoeuvreability of the RS6 sails.
Since my switch this year from heavy NP wave sails to light Hotsails Maui Superfreaks, I know that I want my sails to be as light as possible.
Next to that I want my light wind board to be more manoeuverable, but don't want to loose too much speed. Maybe the lighter Glides will make my light wind sailing on the iSonics already relaxed and enough fun. So I'm just contemplating buying a Futura, I'm not entirely sure about it yet.

Good sailing, TJ
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