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Default Heavyweight returning to sailing


I began sailing in 1980 and did loads up until about 1997 when I had too many work commitments to be able to keep it up. I now have the luxury of more time and proximity to the water.

I aim to sail on flat water inland to start with. I weigh 110kgs and have got an F2 Sputnik 270 and an F2 Bullitt Race 285 which I intend upgrading. I can waterstart in no wind (thanks to learning in Scottish seas) and could carve gybe 9/10 times on my old boards (use footstraps and harness comfortably). I intend sailing in all winds (planing conditions preferably) and am willing to buy a quiver if need be. I do not really want to go back to sinker sailing but want to be able to sail in winds up to 35 knots or so. My largest sail 'til now was a Gaastra Race 6.6 which sounds small when I hear what people are using these days...

It's all changed so much!
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