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Hi Fernando,
It's a tough decision....!
Yes, at your weight, the Futura 122 is going to plane earlier, particularly when you use your 8.0 m2 GTR.
The "trade off" here is maybe 1 knot earlier planing, but on the higher wind end of things, you will have to give up a little bit of range.
What is your smallest sail size, and how often do you get to use anything smaller than your 7.0 Natural?
The Futura 122 is 3 cm wider than the Futura 111, and the extra width is what's going to get you planing earlier, but that 3 cm, at around 18-20 knots is going to make the 122 a little more difficult to sail than the 111.
If your winds are almost always under 15 knots, then I'd suggest the 122.
If you get much time on sails smaller than your 7.0 m2, then the 111 seems like the better way to go.
As I said, it;s going to be a tough decision.
At 65 Kg. (143 lbs.) your weight favors the 111, but your light weight also means the 122 is going to be a little harder to hold down in higher winds.
I do not have any experience with the Futura 111 so I cannot tell you if it rides a little big (like the Carve 111).
I've only sailed the Futura 155, 133, and 122.
Hope this helps,
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