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If you are looking for a board that floats you even marginally (not a sinker) when standing still then you need at least 130 liters. For example a Futura 133 at 76 cm wide would be a versatile platform.

Combine that with a 8.5 m2 sail (cambers or not according to preference) to cover "light" winds up to some 24 knots on flat water. Then get another sail of about 7.0 m2 that takes the role of a highwind sail on this board, and also acts as a transition sail when switching to a smaller board in the 100-105 liter range.

This smaller board may be biased for speed, like a Futura 101, or for manouvers like a Kombat 106, again according to preferences. A board like the Kombat works just nicely for your weight even in moderate wave conditions. And with smaller sails...
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