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Default RE: Early Planing Board

Is the 9m a small course sail or large slalom, that will make a big difference in your ability to plane early. I'm also 78Kg and have had a lot of success with light wind planing. I use 8.4 NP race sail + Hyper 96. Are upgrading the board this year to Isonic 122/Hyper 111. Go in about 10 knots. To go in lighter winds then a good 9/9.2 Freerace sail will get you going in perhaps 8 knots, but as PG said the best advise is to to refine your pumping technique, this alone will add a couple of knots. I have chosen the 8.4 as I can still hold in 18 knots ish if really required, whereas a 9m will be a real handful at 15knots and shit to gybe! When the wind is only 6-8 knots, earn some browny points with the family! lol

hope this helps
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