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Hi Christian,
A trick I've learned when using the Streamlined "Quick 6" downhaul set up is to take the DH line where it comes out the back of the cleat (this cleat really holds the line well if you give it a little "tug" upward around the back of the cleat to set the line in the cleat) and then run the line up over the top of the entire "Quick 6" assembly and back down beside the pulleys on the other side.
There's enough space to fairly positively "lock" the line beside the pulleys.
Then run your line into the bottom of the base and stuff it up above where the US 2 pin adapter goes into the extension.
Hard to explain in words, but if you bring the line out the back side of the cleat and up over the top of the entire cast assembly, you will find it kinda "snaps in" beside the pulleys and this adds additional security.
I took a look at the Hot Sails bases, and they come in both 30 cm (for RDM masts)and 45 cm (for std. dia. masts).
Hope this helps,

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