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Just to make it clear; I love windsurfing, which has been a big part of my life for many years. Formula, slalom, freestyle, waves, racing, they are all incredible.

But the sheer mind-blowing arrogance and sneering superiority complex of some of the posters around here makes me ashamed, in some ways, to be part of this, actually I'm annoyed at the "me too" guys who wandered in, after the sport was well and truly created, and then started to apply their own narrow-minded restrictive attitudes, and have the sheer hide to try to rename a whole sport to suit their own limited vision. This sport used to have an Aloha spirit that encompassed everyone..... that's largely gone and its lack is hurting the sport.

In this thread, many people have thrown barbs at the boat and other sailors, accusing them of some cliche'd attitudes. God knows where these people get these ideas from - it seem that their concept of boat sailors comes from Caddyshack, which is probably the most intellectual piece of media they have ever been exposed to.

In fact, these "tossers" are out there making carbon-fibre foilers and other brilliant devices in their backyards. They allow a wide choice, from strict one designs (for those who want true sailor-on-sailor competition without taking the easy way out by buying an advantage) to classes that are much more open to experimentation than any windsurfer class. There are guys out there on boats who are making and designing 7kg carbon hydrofoiling hulls in their backyards. They don't get scared by people who dare to have different tastes and abilities.

If the boat guys were such idiots, they wouldn't attract so many thousands of young's the boat guys and OD guys who attract fleets of hundreds, it's the other guys who get a derisory 20 or so to a "worlds". Guess what, the kids have voted, you've lost.

But of course, facts like that don't bother the empty heads of those who would rather pop up an empty cliche for them to abuse, because it inflates their own superiority.

Is it too scary for some people to respect those who enjoy sailing on the water in other ways?

For heaven's sake, can't we have some respect for our fellow sailors, no matter what they sail?
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