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Hu oh, we got CT cranked up now...

Regarding SailQuick's post:

> have no resemblence to windsurfing

What do you mean, you want the Olympics to be about guys driving in with the trailer-quiver, one sail size for each knot? That's the modern approach to windsurfing, you're right. Personally, I find it closer to a Tupperware party than Olympics.

> require great skill from the competitors to use

You're absolutely right there too. Any one-design class or restricted class in terms of sails allowed are very, very demanding. None of that "the wind is too strong, I'll come in to get the size-down sail until I can hold it". You fight the rig at hand and the conditions.

If I wanted to be an equipment snob like some posters, I'd say only those who have successfully competed at some level can really appreciate that aspect of the sport, but I won't. ;-)

[Of course, none of that answers the question: should there be windsurfing at Olympics - that's a different question.]
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