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2 unregistered: i weigh as much as you do and tend to go for the margin of the boards capacety. I like to sail my GO (range - 9.0) with an 8.8 and 52 fin and its awesome! Upwind is a bit shloggisch but thats i think more to do with my technique then something else. My flow 284 i sailed with a 7.6 which is 0.1 above recommended and i never felt such upwind and downwind power before as when i sailed that combination (untill yesterday when i went in with my now retired soul 6.2 in 19-22 knots (i wrecked that beauty, it broke my heart when i fell through the window), but that was cuz i was super overpowered). I think i could go over, especially with the GO, i think it could handle a 9.5 without too much trouble.
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