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Did they fixed the "auto-release"-function of the MXT System? My concerns are that it is due to the construction including only one release button. 15 (?) years ago I had bases/extensions using the same construction produced by ART/Fanatic and (rarley) I experienced the same "auto-release". I never heared about this regarding the two-pin-US-Cup system. If you go 40 knots (never did it my self) and board and riggets separated a mile offshore it must be a thrilling swimming experience ... (think about the fact, that if you have catched your board you have to carry it back to your rig by swimming against the wind). Thats the reason why I switched to a two bold base. If the one-bold is fixed well no problem but sometimes it happens that it gets loose by time. Typically it than comes of at your first outside-jibe. No problem with two-bold base.

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