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Default Fast Light Wind Board

I just sold my Go 180 which I had used for many years as a lightwind board and to introduce my son to sailing. We did the water ski handle on the front of the board a la Svein and went ripping around the lakes together. My son now has his own Starsurfer and now I want a light wind board that planes early and goes fast as well. Reason for selling the Go was that it was heavy, had a limited top end and was a big wide gybe. Still a great board, I just want more performance.

My stats:
150 lbs,
advanced to expert sailor
90% of sailing is on a lake
10% ocean

other boards:
12'6" SUP 0-10 knots ( I love it!! forgot how much fun sailing was without foot straps)
94 ltr Trance 15-20 knots
74 ltr acid 20 knots plus

I am looking for a board to fill that all important 10-20 knot hole in my quiver. I say 10-20 because the conditions are very gusty here and represent around 90% of my available sailing time. I would like it to maximize my time on water, plane early but also keep me entertained when I am going. I am hoping to match this with either a freerace sail such as a GTX or a fast freeride such as a Matrix. Money is a factor otherwise I probably would have bought the 08 iSonic 122. Will consider buying an 08 next spring if one is left. I would therefore appreciate some advice from your team on which board will get me out on the water early but yet keep me there while I am out. Because money is a factor I am considering older boards but might hold on and save up for a new one if the difference is that large. The following is a list of the boards I am looking at. If somone could please comment on their suitability for my conditions and weight, relative performance and ideal 2 sail combo I would greatly appreciate it. Not interested in a formula board simply because I like turning as well as going fast.

Boards I am looking at In chronological order

2005 Compact ( always liked the idea of this board but it came and went so fast I wondered if there was a problem)
2006 138 FType wood (Seems like it would get me going early, but wonder about the top end)
2008 122/133 Futura (Like the planshape, looks like it turns , but wonder about early planing, Also I hear there are no more wood versions left)
2008 122 iSonic ( Yummy! No doubt about the speed or turning just worry about use as a lightwind board in gusty conditions)

Not easy but I am sure you guys can help me. If am missing another board please let me know.

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