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Poster 7 said:
Gentlemen, What part of "one board" dont you understand ?

think poster 7 might need to improve his/her early planing skills cause 7.5/9m and iS133 is just stupid advice, do-able but who wants to use a 85cm wide board in 25k. At 95kg, poster 1 is a heavy weight, not a super heavy weight (AKA Finian/Bjorn).

Poster 1 has not said he wants to "compete". For max wind range, light/med/high Sonic 100/95 or iS96 with a 7.8 & 6.3 to give poster 1 a range of 15k to 30k easily.

Possibly a iS101, Just depends if there in uper or lower end of the wind range. But iS133 is no fun in 25knots, period.
Poster1, whats the wind minimums your looking at?
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