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I Freeride. Depends what winds. I ride a GO139 in 12-17 knots(so my 8.8 and 7.6) (depending the conditions .. flatwater, chop etc) and a flow 284 in 15-26(7.6 and smaller)(or more, i have no smaller board and i want to get to a good level before i invest in a wave board), preferably with chop and a good selection of fins. I tend to go for most top end speed thats why i prefere freeride/slalom boards to formulas.
I also have no funds to get a more speed directed low wind board (if i would, i'd probably go for a futura seeing as slalom boards are more technical and more expensive/fragile), so i stick with my 2 boards for now.
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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