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Hi Gads,
Yes, the new 2008 Rio would be a very good choice fro sailing at Bird Key in Sarasota.
For light wind days in the summer, use the Rio with the centerboard deployed and you have a very good "cruising" board.
As soon as the wind comes up, retract the centerboard, and you will have a very nice
planing board.
The Rio M or L (due to your 195 lb. weight) would be best.
The Start is a wider, so it might be slightly better to learn the basics on, but if you used to surf, then you probably don't need the extra width.
Your wife and daughter will do nicely on the Rio as well, just be sure to get a really nice lighteweight and powerful rig for them.
Depending on your 11 yr. old daughter's size/weight, the Sailworks Retro Ripper 2.5 or 3.3 (I'd suggest the 3.3 for the light winds in Sarasota if your daughter is of normal size/weight for an 11 year old) rigs are really the best here. Very good power in a small lightweight package.
I think you will absolutely love the new gear yourself.
Much lighter, much better functionality and overall range of use.
Hope this helps,
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