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Hello Matthew,
I'm 5' 6" tall (167.6 cm) and I weigh around 170 lbs. (77.1 Kg.).
I like to run my boom just so I can get my chin over it with the rig held pretty upright. This is for sails in the 7.5-9.5 m2 range.
For larger sails, the boom needs to be a little higher.
I use adjustable harness lines and I would estimate they vary between 22" and 25".
With smaller sails(5.6 m2 and smaller) and a waist harness I use much shorter line, probably in the 18-21" range.
For larger sails, upwind, you need your lines short, but as soon as you try to head off the wind, you need them longer.
That's the real beautiy and functionality of adj. harness lines, you can make them whatever length is the most comfortable for the conditions.
I'll try to remember to measure how high I run my booms and how long my harness lines really are this weekend.
Hope this helps,
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