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Default 130 l board selection

Hi fellows,
I would appreciate your advices for choosing the right board type.
Currently I still use an old Fanatic Rabbit from the 90's. It's an old type (i.e. narrow) board with 130 l and length of 300 cm. I am quite happy with it, but you know, after all these years and wear&tear it's time for a new board. I would buy a board with similar properties, however since the modern boards have completely different shapes (wider and shorter) it makes me difficult to compare. Here's where you can help...
- I have 95 kgs
- ride it on the sea in 10-20 knts winds, flatwater to choppy waves (up to 1m)
- ability to uphaul is a must as it often happens that wind decreases while being out of the beach and can't waterstart to get back
In short: I am looking for a freeride board that would give me approx. the same stability as the old narrow 130 l board.

Thanks in advance.
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