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I can’t see F 166 here,
F155 is biggest board here.

I assume it has the same measurements as the GO 166,
L253 W91.0 T62.1
But! read here
“The two larger sizes (166 and 177) are GO-specific, ….”
So what design is the F 166 ? Is it a 2009 version ?
Does somebody have experience with either F155 or F166 ?

Ellen ! If the F155 is exactly 155 L, F166 – 166L, it would surprise me.(as steveC mentions, the specifications did deviate – sometimes surprisingly much - from the true actuals
In this case it is important that the real volume of F155 is more like 155-160 L than <150L.
I own F144 (best board I ever sailed in the + 120L range) so we know that F144 is just a bit to small for him. 160-170 L would be best, but > 90 cm width is not ideal when it gets choppy in 6,5 m2 sail size. So if F155 is min. 155 L I think it would be the best choice, as he is medium skilled, just been away from WS for 12 years.

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