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Hi dkeith,
This is quite a discussion!
Having "loved" the F-Type 138 (and it's predecessor the Free Formula 138) this would be a pretty good option for up to about 15 knots.
Not as good as a formula in < 10 knots, but comes alive in around 10 knots with a
9.5 m2 + rig.
Since you are looking for 10-20 knots, there probably isn't a "one board" solution, but you are on the right track.
Since you are a lightweight at 150 lbs. (68 Kg.) you can probably get a bit better early planing from most of the boards discussed.
I would leave the Compact off your list. It was an attempt to make a one board does everything solution to the "traveling problems" but in my opinion there were too many compromises.
The F-Types are great (wish I still had the FT 138 Wood) but as the others suggest, it's a bit too much like a formula board, and while quite fast in very light winds, it does not have the overall range of the Futura 122/133 or the Isonic 122/133.
I was sorry to have to let my 2007 Isonic 122 go, so a 2007 Is 122 might be a more cost effective possiblility than the 2008 IS 122.
If you think you can wait through another couple of months, there may be some 2008 closeout possibilities, but the Isonic 122 is a very popular board so you may be disappointed.
Hope this helps,
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