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I think I should reopen this thread and ask for your advice further,

I have managed to buy recently a (very) used 9.8 sail, a 100% 5.2m mast and a 100% 2.5-3m boom, I even planned a little with this rig but yesterday I got out in overpowered conditions, got catapulted and went through the sail ripping it.

I think I'll buy a new sail but want your advice first.

First ..... I had real problems uphauling the 9.8 sail in big wind (about 15kts). Could not waterstart either as I had no survival vest and as the board is very short could not place the boom on the tail, no matter how I put the sail and/or pushed from below I could not make it catch the wind from below, lift it's tip etc... I have no problem lifting a 7m sail but couldn't do anything with the 9.8 and I had to swim back to shore. On the other hand the wind was just perfect or just a little strong to ride that sail.

So, first I would like to ask, how can one lift such a big sail in big wind on a formula board ? Are there any tricks or you just have to be a total bull to just pull it.

I am considering to buy a gaastra swift 9.0 sail for the 5.20mast and 2.5-3m boom. The mast is a fiberspar old mast 100% carbon. If someone can suggest a better matched sail I would be grateful.

And finally, about the GO 180. I have problems to put my back foot in the footstrap. I get planning with no feet in footstraps, or with the front foot. If I try to take my back foot of the board I get catapulted, If I weaken the power in sail, the board stops planning. Somebody told me I have to stay lower on my back but I was already hitting the waves. I can easily put my rear foot in the oposite rear footstrap and planning confortably but not upwind, I barely can hold the perpendicular direction. The conditions were ~20knots, 5.7m sail, on lake, gusty wind and dense waves of about 0.8-1m height (and the 60cm stock fin, thats it, the only one I have). I only managed to put both my feet and safely mantain planning and then it was great.

Please tell me if there is a trick here setting the back foot in the lateral strap (I can do it in central strap on smaler boards).
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