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Default 10-20 knots

> $13k+

Well, there you go. Of course the more gear, the better. Two would be nice for that range, but then twice the costs, twice the stuff to carry, plus wasting time de-rigging and re-rigging as winds change. (The more gear, the more of that.)

Seriously, take up freestyle and aim for about 16-17 knots with new, single gear. Esp. that you already own light- and high-wind gear. This way, when it's only 10-12 knots, for the same new gear, you're underpowered somewhat but you get to practice moves that you will use in the 15-20 knot range. Fun and sport at all times.

> how many boards and sails does the average sailor 'need'
> to sail in all conditions?

You are an expert, so don't go by this criteria. Most guys at the local spot here (a 90% lake-river like you) have multiple gear, but I find that gear gets used mostly to make sailing easier at various conditions (underpowered, easier to gybe, etc.).

Have fun mate,

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