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Hi Tzur,
Check out the Windsurfing School forum.
Do a search on "back footstrap" and I think you will find a
wealth of information on ways to get into the rear footstrap.
My guess would be that you are getting in too much of a hurry
due to your fear of getting catapaulted.
Getting a board to plane and getting hooked in and into both
footstraps is a progression, and you cannot "rush it".
The board needs to accelerate and you need to move back at
a rate that keeps the board accelerating, and keeps you moving back
in a balanced manner.
The board will only accelerate so quickly. You need to find out how fast this is and move back at a rate that keeps the board accellerating.
I cannot get to the 2004 archives at the moment to see what the 2004
GO rear footstrap configuration is exactly so I cannot suggest using a
more inboard rear footstrap position (I don't believe there is one if my memory
You need to spend more time in powered up conditions to get more comfortable
in the front footstrap with your rear foot on the board's fore and aft centerline (without getting catapaulted).
Then you will develop the skills it takes to be planing fast in this configuration, then you can work on getting into the rear footstrap.
I think it's a comfort level issue here. You feel that until you get your rear foot in that strap you are open to being catapaulted.
This is not necessarily true.
I agree that you can not "sheet out" to keep the load on the rig at a level you can handle, but you can "ease off", or better still, don't sheet in so early or so much so you bring the power up in a way that does not pitch you forward or over the lee side.
Hope this helps,

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