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Hi Ian,

Despite 20 years of windsurf, I am still a jibe apprentice and that's why I am reluctant to use a sail like the Overdrive

I have a severne C2 9.5, which I like very much ; I use it with an Arrows race 100 % carbon mast or a north xcellerator 100 % ; both masts have a 30 IMCS ; the sail feels a little better with the arrows mast.

I also have a naish evolution 8.3 (camberless sail) ; I tried it again today and the sails does not fit me (I must confess i am 100 kgs) : not full enough, no power, much more difficult to use than the C2. The naish's only advantage is its lightness !

So i have decided to sell the naish and get a severne C2 (or a NP V6 which, apparently, is very similar to the C2).

But my shop tells me the C2 is replaced by the Element. Can you tell me what are the improvements of this new sail compared to a C2 ?

Is there an 8 m size available (because i have a 9.5 and a 7m, so i think a 7.5 would be inadequate).

Can you also tell me about the most striking differences (if any) between Element and NP V6 ?

Will my arrows mast be ok with the ELEMENT (it is not good with the Naish sail).

Thank you.
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