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Post 25 I agree with you on Post 23. Not sure what the point of that post was except some sort of therapy session for all of us to witness. The point was valid that there is sometimes a lot of hype around new product and that there is good value to be found in buying used gear however there are better ways to express that thought in a public forum. That being said sometimes there are profound differences between new and old gear. Having sailed 27 years myself and having purchased a lot of gear I have experienced this first hand. I think of when I bought the first Go board on spec before it was even fully available. That board was a major change in the industry and for a few hundred dollars less I could have bought a used F2 Xantos Not! My current quiver includes boards that I have bought new and old, depending on where the technology curve was in that discipline at that time.

My current post reflects this issue. For many years wide and short was the vogue but I have been noticing that freeride boards seem to bet getting a little narrower and longer again. I suspect this has to do with adavancements in other areas such as rocker etc. The three boards that I am considering are the FT138, FU 122 and the IS 122 represent possibly a three year difference which is why I am seeking Roger's sage advice on the differences between all them so I can decide where I want to spend my money. He has actually ridden all of them! If post 23 has experience in all these boards then I welcome their advice as well, if not they can hijack another discussion.

To Roger your advice has been great as always. I have a few further questions though. The FT138 seems like it could still get me planing pretty early as I am 150 lbs and have no problems sailing a large rig. My concern with the FT138 is when it is up and planing what is the top end like compared to the other boards. A lot faster, somewhat slower etc. If you could quantify this in anyway it would be helpful. How does this compare to the FU 155? If you were planing in 10 knots on a 7.5 how could I be planing with a 9.0 or 9.5 in 8 knots? Should I be considering this or a FU144? The sail range I was thinking was 9.8 and 8.0 or a 9.0 and a 7.5. Both of these would allow me to jump to my 6.0 after I am overpowered because the larger sails will be freerace sails with lots of range. The IS seems like it probably planes the earliest and is undoubtedly the fastest but like post 23 tried to express in their failed post can you please try and quantify how much of a differencce there actually is between new and old.


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