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Hi Duncan,
I knew you were going to "pin me down" on this.
I try to stay objective, and I think board speed is a little more in the
"subjective" realm.
I will try to answer your questions a clearly as I can without speculating.
The Isonic 122 (once there's enough wind to get it planing) is for sure the fastest board on your short list, and at 150 lbs. with good skills and a 9.0 m2 rig you might get it planing at around 10 knots.
The 8.5 m2 NXslm I mentioned is the largest sail I ever put on the 2007 Isonic 122, and I was planing in around 11-12 knots and I'm about 20 lbs. heavier.
The F-Type 138 I had I didn't sail that much because the F-Type 148 was a bit earlier planing. That's why I suggested the FT 148 if you can find one.
The Futura 122/144/155 won't be quite as fast as similar Isonics, but they are alot easier to sail, and very nearly as quick because they are so easy to sail.
I made the issue about the width because to me anyway, getting on to a plane in marginal conditions is made a whole lot easier if you have a wider board.
If you want a speed rating here I'll try.
In < 12 knots, regardless of sail size the F-Type will plane the earliest, making it the fastest in 10 knots unless you can really light up the Is 122.
The wider Is 122 would be the next earliest
The Futura 122 probably won't be much fun in < 12.
Once the wind goes over 12 knots, the speed ratings would be Isonic 122 significantly faster than the F-Type 138, and a little faster than the Futura 122.
At 16-18 knots, the F-Type won't be much fun as it's getting a little too wide for the chop.
The Futura 122 would be best in these windspeeds. Maybe not faster than a well sailed Is 122, but more comfortable for sure.
Hope this helps,

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