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Mike T
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Hi Duncan
I see you have a 12-6 SUP board what size sail do you use with that in sup planing winds? I Sup paddle on a 12-6 board when the wind is below 5 knts and then when the wind picks up I put a 7.o wave sail or a 6.6 twin cam on the longboardand freestyle, practice sail transitions and just cruis with no footstraps. When the wind hits 15knts I switch to a 9'6" custom carbon slalom board with the same sails. It's not a modern wide board but it's extreamly fast in the 15 to 25knt range. So with a standup board you have the light wind covered from 5 to 15knts. You can have alot of fun and keep the balance and transitoins skills tuned up in light winds and then focus on gear for 15 plus knots. Just my two cents Good luck and Warm winds. Mike
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