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Ian Fox
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Hi Gold,

Yes, the (e)lement replaces the popular C2 with a new and super stable twin cam design that is lighter but more durable and easier to rig with the newer snap cam technique and lower downhaul tension.
(e)lement also looks stylish (making use of colored X-Ply) maybe not a big deal, but then again..

The standard sizes for 2007 (e)lement are :

6.5m 199/464 460-25
7.5m 216/489 460-25
8.5m 234/510 490-29
9.5m 252/522 490-29

I've not tried the Arrows mast, but a 490/30 would tend to rig the 8.5 or 9.5 slightly fuller and more powerful, which seems to be more in your preference than super flat. The (e)lement is a fast and easy sail with forward draft and drive and a great reactive jibe- it will compare very competitively with all other sails in that important twin cam freeride/freerace market.

Cheers ~ Ian
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