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Question Tunning sails for low winds

Hi Roger and all,

Having underpowered conditions most of the time over here I'm wondering how to get best out of my sails.

Assuming I accept the sail will be difficult to manage in the gusts, what do you think about using really minimal downhaul (extremely tight leach).
Do I get maximum power from the sail rigged like this or will such setup actually limit my sail's performance? (again, I accept the fact it won't work well in the gusts, but in low winds this is not an issue to me)
As far as outhaul is concerned, how about using "zero" setting (sail touching boom, almost no force applied to the outhaul)?

My sails are freerace, 3-cam Gaastras (GTX): 7.5 and 9.8, with 75% dedicated Gaastra masts.
I am interested mostly in getting out in really low-winds with my FType and 9.8.

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