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Default go big or go home.

fins fins fins...
after years of lake sailing, with many days of marginal planing, i have found myself and others to trend towards bigger fins, and ( no suprise ) bigger sails.
being a bigger fellow at 90 kgs this is a local reaction above an beyond what is recommended by the board manufacterers and what has been applied through necesssity.

I have just gotten a s type 104 and you can bet i will be putting alot bigger fin on it then what comes with it.
And i most likely will be using a bigger sail as well.
while i wont be putting a 58 cm formula fin on the board or a 9.0, i have found that i have tried many a setup that may not have worked to recccomended numbers, may have felt not all that comfortable BUT me planinn a ripping.
so when things arent perfect ,
go big or go home... my motto.

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