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in a modern composite sandwich board you will be VERY hard pressed to find a difference in performance between a S-glass vs carbon plus minus kevlar-technora layers construction. What gives the board strength and stiffness is the sandwich and the fiber you use has very little impact.

In the July issue of UK Board magazine there was a comparison of identical boards with different constructions. Result? Zero performance difference in the 70 to 100L range. Only when they got to a 115L board they could detect some difference, and this only for 60Kg sailors ANd it turned out that the lighter board had a flatter rocker ... (i.e. there are % difference in shape due to construction tolerances that count WAY more then half Kg in weight).

Why? Because the sandwich makes 99.99% of the board, and the difference in weight is completely irrelevant (think about it, on a small board it is the difference between using a long 45cm extension vs a short extension, do you notice a difference in performance when you switch?)

Make story short: get the cheaper version! unless you want the carbon for chi-chi factor (or because the board is painted, and the wood will not discolor!)

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