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Originally Posted by raffig View Post
I am afraid that you are missing the point completely...There is no sense in comparing drug testing between pro cycling (mainly endurance-based sport, which benefits greatly from EPO/blood enhancing drugs) and pro windsurfing (mainly a skill/technical discipline). Although windsurfing at pro-level is also incredibly physical demanding, drug intake is irrelevant to have a competitive advantage. Same applies to many technical/skill-based disciplines: skiing, gymnastics, etc.

Also, A. Albeau is far from having the appearance of a steroid-pumped body, such the one shown off by 100m sprinters. He is a big guy, very strong, but more on the "chubby" side. Same can be said of others, as Micah or Finian. I have seen him a couple of times in the PWA Costa Brava contest and he does not look that impressive. What is really impressive is his sailing...
First of all, I am not missing the point. I am bringing up an issue in professional sports, not comparing cycling to windsurfing. Steroid use can enhance muscular development, but it doesn't have to create the freaks it has. Nevertheless, I will defer on this subject to Oneup, a test tube baby who knows a lot more about freakish humanity than I do.
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