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Brian S
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FWIW, I have the same 8.0, 6.5 sail combination, and I rig them on powerex 75% carbon masts. I think they're all about 2001/2002 vintage. My 8.0 rigs on a 490/IMCS 29, and my 6.5 rigs on a 460/IMCS 25.

I use Roger's "batten above the boom method". The scallops in the leech don't quite look like the rigging guide photos, but the sails both feel good, and each higher batten twists more than the batten below it, both on the ground and while sailing. No matter what downhaul I use, I don't get the exact look shown in the rigging guide. Also, the luff length doesn't quite match the markings on the sail either. I'd say they're within about 3-4 cm though.
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