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Roly Gardner
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Hi Roger,

Not posted for a while. Hope everyone is having a good Summer.

I am interested in this subject as I am currently concentrating on these skills. I have a number of questions and would be grateful to hear your advice please.

1- Do you need to be in the harness before you go for the front strap?

2- Do you really need to be planing or close to it to get in the straps? I see people getting into the straps really early but when I try I sink the back of the board.

3- I manage to get in the front strap by hooking in then bearing away while leaning back opposing the rig. This takes the weight off my front foot so I can slide it in. I used to luff up, but this seems to have cured that. It is then that I have real difficulty. I cannot get into the right position to get my foot in the back strap. It all gets a bit "slappy" and out of control. I find it hard to turn and open my shoulders ,thus locking in as I have been told , with the harness on. It seems a bit weird twisting like this. I think I am meant to get the rig back and my body weight forward to get the weight off the back foot allowing movement, but I just luff up and lose control.

4- I am quite short(5' 6")and wonder if this changes the angles slightly. They seem a hell of a long way back to me! I have one setting slightly more forward but keep forgetting my philips screwdriver to alter the straps.

Any help would be much appreciated as ever.

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