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We are looking for some guidance on which board or two to purchase for some new surfers. My wife (now 47) used to windsurf for a few years in the early 90s and had a large Hi Fly beginner board. I've only tried once or twice 15 years ago (I'm now 44). We are both now looking to get into the sport more seriously as our kids are able to enjoy water sports.

We live on Lake Michigan near Holland/Grand Haven. Winds can vary greatly, but the heavier wind days also come with a fair degree of chop. But we are on the south side of a jetty, so there also some days with high winds and flat protected water.

Our kids are 12 and 10. Although none of us has much, if any, windsurfing experience, we are all very comfortable with all sorts of water sports and have lots of sailing experience.

Any thoughts on which of your boards would make the best for learning? Would the kids need a separate board or can we all attempt to learn on one?
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