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Hi Michiganblue,
James has it right!
Look for lessons first.
There's quite a few windsurfers in your area, check out some of the local sailing sites and talk with some of the local sailors about lessons and gear that's appropropriate for the local conditions.
There may be entry level programs available very close to you.
Getting good lessons right at the start will help you to select the gear you need.
Otherwise you are buying gear that you won't really know is going to work until you actually get it on the water and find out whether it works (or not).
The skills your wife has from 15-20 years ago on a Hi Fly beginner board may be useful (the balancing will for sure) but the rigs and boards have changed so much she, and the rest of your family, needs to find out first hand how much easier the improvements in boards and rigs has made learning to windsurf.
I was at a large event in Grand Haven a couple of years ago and taught quite a few beginners just off the City parking lot (just So. of the GH State Park).
That can be a wonderful place to learn to windsurf in the right conditions, and a terrible place at other times, so pick your conditions until all of you have the skills to be comfortable in more challenging conditions.
Hope this helps,

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