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Hi Willmo,
Yes!..... Absolutely !
Take the screw and wet it slightly somehow and take a bar of soap and rub it all over the threads of the screw.
Also try to work a few bits of soap down into the hole so the screw threads carry the lubricant all the way to the bottom.
(Master wiidworkers have been doing this for centuries, however they seem to prefer bees wax vs plain old bath tub bar soap. Prevents the wood from splitting, Allows the screws to cut really nice smooth threads without tearing).

And, use the provided red handle Tiki Tool (#3 Phillips heat treated and hardened tip with good drive geometry and surface treatments) or purchase a good #3 Phillips screwdriver with a heat treated/hardened/good geometry/surf. treatments).
If you don't have the Red Handle Tiki tool, please purchase a good high quality #3 Phillips srewdriver. It will last you forever and will tighten your footstrap screws as tight as possible without distorting the drive recess in the screws.
AND.... Please don't try to install the FS screws with a screw gun or drill/driver.
These power tools can drive the screws fast enough to "melt" the plastic in the FS insert just from frictional heat.
If you don't believe me, remove a screw with a screw gun/drill/driver on a board you don't like and touch the screw as soon as it comes out of the board. Be careful as it will be so hot it will burn your fingers.
The FS inserts are a thermo-moulded plastic material and it does not take much heat to melt them.
And, with the drill/driver/screwgun, you won't be able to tell if the threads on the screw are actually "biting/engaging" and screwing down into the hole or simply "stripping out".
This is one of those "take your time and do it the right way the first time, and your screws will be solid and last the life of you board" processes.
Get in a hurry and you may have some problems.
Hope this helps,

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