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Default Severne Sails & North Masts

I have a 96 Kombat & my current big sail is a 6.4 2003 North Drive. It is getting to it's end. I would like to stay as close to the max sail size for the board as possible. I do not have a 460 mast. I have a 430 '05 North mast (XC65 wave mast, very tapered with standard base diameter 65% carbon, IMCS 21CC). North has a 6.4 Duke designed for the mast but this is probably a bit too freestyly for me. I notice Severne has 3 sails in the 6.5 range designed around the 430 mast. These are the S-2, Gator & NCX. The Severene 430 Blue line mast for these sails has the same IMCS as my North mast. My North mast works very well with my North Sails. Is this north mast compatable with these Severne sails?? I'm looking for an all round 6.5 sail good for freeride blasting, jumping & maybe beginning freestyle that works ideally on my 430. Thanks!
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