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Hi Franco,
The 2007 Rio is almost exactly like the 2007 Start.
Very wide, not very much subplaning performance.
The 2008 Rio, however is completely different.
Here's the specifications:
2007 Rio S 150 235 85.5 56.0 11.95 2.0-9.0 Shallow 410 FRN
+ Clipperbox Daggerboard XS 40-52 Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox
2007 Rio M 205 258 90.0 62.0 13.9 2.0-9.5 Shallow 410 FRN
+ Clipperbox Daggerboard 570 40-58 Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox
Here's the linki:
The 2008 Rio is much different:
Here's the specifications:\
2008 Rio M 195 275 80.5 58.7 14.3 2.0-9.55 Shallow 410 FRN +
Clipperbox Daggerboard 570 Deep Tuttle+Clipperbox
2008 Rio S 175 269 76.0 56.2 14.1 2.0-9.50 Shallow 410 FRN +
Clipperbox Daggerboard 570 Deep Tuttle+Clipperbox
here's the link:
You can easily see the difference!
At your stated skill level and at your weight (78 Kg./172 lbs.) you would do nicely
on the 2008 Rio M.
I think for your stated purposes (since your skills are a bit better than entry level) that the 2008 Rio M is the right choice.
I have this board (I weight about 175 lbs) and I really like it.
In my opinion it's a major improvement over last years Start based Rio's and it's also one of the best combinations of sub planing glide and planing all out performance I ever sailed.
The new Rio will be a wonderful board for you to advance your skills on.
The 2008 Rio M will cost a bit more, but it has a much greater potential for you "down the road" as your skills develop.
Hope this helps,
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