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Roly Gardner
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Hi Roger,

All very helpful thank you. My comments are as follows:-

1-One of my main problems I now realise is that in placing my foot in the front footstrap too early I am pressing down on the windward rail and luffing up. I have managed to artificially remedy this by bearing away but the problem still arises later when I try to get in the rear strap. I now see that the rig has to be powered up sufficiently to counter balance this effect and keep the board level. I am certainly going for the strap too early and will try the 2 drills you suggest. If I can get skilled at steering with the back foot I will be far more in control.

2-I am still unsure as to how to get the rear foot "weightless" in order to move it. I notice though that you term it "slid" so presumably you maintain some downward pressure during the process. To get it in line with and actually into the footstrap seems quite a long way back to me. However, I am sure that I am not moving back progressively whilst continuing to accelerate gradually as you suggest. As I am doing so are my hands moving a little further down the boom? Otherwise I feel that I am racking back the rig and turning the board into wind,exacerbating my problems.

3- I think that I also sheet in far too much after I hook in. I think that you describe hooking in early whilst having the sail sheeted out and progressively accelerate as previously discussed in another post. I can then get the power into the mast foot in a controlled way BEFORE going for the front strap.

4- My usual wind range is 10-20 mph in coastal conditions. I sail a Carve 145 and weigh 75kg. In the lower wind speeds I rig my Tush Lightening 7.8m and in higher winds a Gaastra Pilot 6.5m or Tush 5.7m(not sure what model this is though).I use Gaastra 26" fixed lines, although have some adjustable Gaastra lines as well(not great as they seem to come undone very easily.

5-My explanation on the other issues is not even clear to me on re reading! What I was told to do by my instructor was get my front foot in and then head up wind while sheeting in and opening my stance i.e. turning my shoulders to face more forward. I understand your comment regarding locking out and driving against the fin as this is something we talked about before. It sounds like I should not be so "open" but with my shoulders and hips in line with the CL

6- The "locking in" from his perspective meant adopting a strong up wind stance to allow the rear foot to move into position. Trouble is for me, that if I am leaning forward with the rig back heading up wind I have no chance of getting my rear foot anywhere near the rear strap. I think that you are recommending a broad reach rather than heading up wind which would seem to be a more balanced approach and I can visualise how that would allow me to gently move the rear foot back and in.

I will certainly try those drills that you have suggested and re post with further comments. Many thanks for your guidance so far.

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