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Hi all

As i'm looking to buy a Kombat 105 2008 i was reading with interest the earlier posts about this board. It is great to learn from so many experiences ;-)

I learnd that the Kombat 105 2008 has great early planing and wave abilities with the right footstrap and fin set up.
But i'm still wondering about two things:

1. what are the freestyle abilites? Is it also suited to learn how to spok or to back loops off a wavelipp? As it's with is 66cm.

2. and how does it behave on days with strong winds? I met a guy the other day on a Kombat 122 2008 and he said he still could handle nicely winds with 7 Bf. Are there also some setup tricks how to handle this kinde of wind?

Would be great to read some opinions!
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